Summary – Hunger Games Vol. 1  

“May the odds be ever in your favour.” 

After many wars and battles, North America was named Panem. Panem it’s the only country in the world, now and it is divided in 13 districts and one city named Capitol. One day, a revolution happened in Panem, and district 13 was destroyed. So that it doesn’t happen again, every year, a girl and a boy from each district, participate to the Hunger Games. There they must fight and kill, till just one of them is still alive. Shortly, at the end, 23 of them are dead and one of them is the winner who gets to live his life in peace. 

Katniss Everdeen is a 16 year’s old girl, who lives in district 12. She has a sister, Primrose and a mother. Unfortunately, her father died in a mine accident. Katniss likes hunting very much, her father thought her even if it’s illegal, because people are starving. It’s the extraction day, but like every morning she goes hunting with her friend Gale. They wish themselves good luck and they head home. 

Everyone is at the extraction. Effie Trinket, the woman who extracts the names every year, is reading the name of the girl tribute. Primrose Everdeen! How is that possible? Before anyone gets to say anything, Katniss volunteers in her sister’s place. Almost at once, she takes her place on the stage. Now, it’s time for the other name. Peeta Mellark! Katniss knows him. It’s the boy that threw bread at her when she was hopeless and hungry. 

After she says goodbye to her family and friends, she and Peeta get in a train that is heading to the Capitol. There, they meet their mentor, the only winner from district twelve, Haymitch Abernathy. 

At the Capitol, they train, but first they are presented to the people. Peeta and Katniss appear in some costumes that are on fire. In the last night spent there, they give some interviews. This is very important, because, in the arena, rich people can give you food or medicine. When Peeta is giving his interview, he says he is in love with Katniss. That gave them many fans and supporters. 

Now, they are in the arena. She shouldn’t take anything from the Cornucopia, a golden corn where there are weapons and things you can use, but she takes a backpack, and she runs away into the woods. She climbs a tree and opens the backpack. There isn’t very useful thing there, but there is some food, an empty water bottle and a sleeping bag in there so she keeps them. 

The next day, she decides to go and find water. Her searches aren’t successful. That night near her, a girl makes a fire, and some children kill her. They are from districts 1,2 and 4 and the leader’s name is Cato. Katniss tries to not scream when she sees that Peeta is with them. 

In the next days she still tries to find water and eventually she finds it. She decides to find a good tree nears the water, but she can’t stay for long because that part of the forest caught fire! She runs and runs but the fire still touches her leg. Great, now she has two things to deal with. Thirst and a burn on her leg. She can’t walk now. She tries to climb a tree so she can rest. That night, Peeta and his new “friends” find her, but they can’t reach her. She is very lucky because Rue, a twelve-year-old girl, finds her and makes her notice that above her head she has got a tracker jackers swarm. The tracker jackers were some wasps that could be deadly. But she notices another thing. A parachute coming from the sky with…. medicine! Katniss cut the branch, and the tracker jackers stung Peeta and the others. 

A girl died, and Katniss took her bow and her arrows. When Peeta saw that she was still there, he told her to run away. Katniss ran, but the tracker jackers’ poison made her to hallucinate. 

When she wakes up, she sees leaves on her hands and neck and soon she meets Rue. They plan to blow up the food that Cato and his crew had near the Cornucopia. The two girls planned and the next day, they both do their work. Katniss blows up the food, but now she can’t hear with her left year. She goes to find Rue and when she does, she can’t stop the boy from district 1. Rue dies. 

The next important thing happens when the tributes are announced that two of them, from the same district, can win the Hunger Games. Then, Katniss goes to find Peeta. 

She finds him with a big wound on his leg. She tries to heal him, but she can’t and when the game-creators announce a feast, she is relieved. Peeta doesn’t want to let her go, but she gives him sleeping peels she received from the supporters. 

After the feast there are just five of them left, and Katniss has got the medicine. She heals Peeta. When they go hunting, because they are out of food, Peeta takes some berries and accidentally, a girl with red hair eats them and she dies. That day Cato kills the other boy. 

Now, just 3 of them are alive. The game-creators sent some big wolves that were very alike with the dead tributes. They hurt Peeta’s leg, and they eventually kill Cato. 

But the game-creators aren’t done. They now say that just one of them can win the Hunger Games. Katniss puts her hand in her pocket and gets out the deadly fruits. She says to Peeta to not swallow them, but they both put the fruits into their mouths. That’s how the 74th edition of the Hunger Games ended. 

The doctors heal Peeta’s leg and all the scars that were on their bodies are gone. At the end, they both give interviews and enjoy their new lives. They can’t even imagine what’s expecting them. 

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